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The US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is taking an interest in this meeting itsgonna be held October in the ninth in Washington DC lastly I wannajust content in my profound dim appreciation to the individuals who truly take every necessary step I did nowadays feel like I'm generally in symphony director are my and do what I can to stay off the beaten path of a staggeringly capable gathering of individuals some previous recorded here why furthermore to His Holiness who has motivate this work enormously and I need to end with two quotes once in a while I'll truly be done are these your arm again among my most loved corpus one is from Henry David Thoreau why he said as a solitary stride won't make lack of concern on the earth so a solitary thought two won't make a pathway in the brain to make a profound physical way we walk again of course to make a profound mental patent we must be Inc again and again the sorts of contemplations we wish to overwhelm our lives nobody in now with one of my untouched most loved quotes from Albert Einstein this is something that he wrote in alerter to a companion if his giving guidance about little girl who needed from up some assistance in Einstein said in 1921 an individual is a piece of an entire called by us the universe a section constrained in time in space he encounters himself his considerations and sentiments as something isolated from the rest kind optical fancy yet his cognizance this fancy is a sort of jail for us limiting us to our own longings and to fondness for a couple of persons closest us our to relax must.


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